I loved editing this job for CBBC and BBC Creative. I was given a brief and several episodes of the show "Our School", which is a hidden camera documentary show following kids at a secondary school in Wales. From the episodes I offline edited the broadcast trailer and also wrote the script for the Voice Over.

Once the edit was approved I then directed the Voice Over, with the fantastic Rebecca Keatley, who gave it the right amount of Welshness and the audio dub session and the picture online. All in all a great experience.

I spent many years in Newport and Cardiff when I was studying film. I instantly got the tone and cultural nuances of the kids in this series, the unique South Wales way of speaking and being. So this made the edit easier.

Thanks for watching and if you want to hire me don't hesitate to call 07807 526 691 or email me at andyswarbrickeditor@gmail.com.

My Linkedin account is https://www.linkedin.com/in/manchesterfilmvideoeditor/

Andrew Swarbrick is a freelance offline and online editor and member of the Guild Of British Film & Television Editors.

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