Another fantastic job I edited for Cbeebies and BBC Creative. This broadcast trail was to promote the animation series Tinpo.  As with all these edits, first of all there is a brief that clearly describes what the trailer should communicate. Once as an editor you have addressed the brief, you can be a bit more creative and look at rhythm, pace, emotion and characters Most important of all is adding sound effects. Sound really is the most overlooked aspect of editing, as you equate editing with pictures.  Sound effects though add extra depth and vibrancy.

One thing to point out having edited CBBC and Cbeebies trails, is that as the two BBC channels are for different age groups you cannot use the same techniques. 5 year olds and their parents won't respond to the same editing and sound techniques as a 14 year old.
As well as editing the trailer, I also wrote the script and directed the Voice Over session with the super versatile Ben Cajee and the audio dub and online post production session. I had a great time working on this and it is always so helpful to have a strong brief and good team around you before you start work. The one thing I really find detrimental to editing is getting a brief AFTER you have edited, as it means starting again and is also expensive budget wise.

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Andrew Swarbrick is a freelance offline and online editor and member of the Guild Of British Film & Television Editors.


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