This was another fantastic edit that I really enjoyed doing whilst freelancing at BBC Creative, over at Media City. The broadcast trail had a very simple job to promote and encourage young children and their parents to tune in to watch the Cbeebies Prom: Off To The Moon. This Prom introduced children to the history of the moon landing and also classical music inspired by this event. So a worth while venture.

The structure of the edit was quite simple, driven as it was by a previously shot piece to camera (PTC) by the hosts of the Prom; Chris Jarvis, Maddie Moate, Cat Sandion, Nigel Clarke & Justin Fletcher. It was a case of cutting that piece up and creating a rhythm and ensuring the message was clear. It was also important to layer sound effects onto the trail to add to the excitement and adventure. All that was require then was to write a short Voice Over for the end of the trail, which I hired Nigel Clarke to do as it kept continuity.

When editing a trail you have to do several versions, each with a unique time and date statement. Such as 'Starts Tomorrow" or "Saturday at 3pm". Each one of these versions also has to have the correct graphics, wording and especially in the case of Cbeebies, the correct colour coding.

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