This TV commercial featuring Nell McAndrew, was an offline only edit for myself. By offline edit, I mean it was my job to cut the commercial, telling the story and then prepare it for the next phase known as online editing; where the commercial is polished at its highest resolution and graphics and FX's are added. I enjoy offline editing. It is more akin to film editing and means that I can concentrate of the actual cut.
As it was quite a complex scenario featuring Nell McAndrew folding up the screen until it became a Yorkshire Water leaflet, the online and effects work were done in Flame. A high end video FX's software package. Ideal for complex 2D, 3D and motion tracking effects.

As the offline editor it was still important that the cut was right, the action flowed and the message was clearly communicated. It was also crucial to pick the shots that would be layered up, upon other shots, so the video FX work could be done. So many facets to consider. My edit would also need to go to a sound studio to have sound effects added.
The TV commercial contains 'legals'. That is text that appears at the bottom of the screen which factually supports any claims being made in the TV commercial. In order for a TV commercial to be deemed suitable for broadcast, any claims made by the company and its product must be supported with facts that back up such claims. Otherwise we'd all be sold pasta sauce that allowed you to time travel!
Though these onscreen words would be added in the online, as the offline editor I still needed to type and place the words on screen, as all legal text has to be up for a certain amount of time so the audience can clearly read it. That of course can affect timing and edit decisions.
This TV commercial was edited on Final Cut Studio whilst the FX work was done on Flame and sound editing and design was done on Pro Tools.
I hope you enjoyed this commercial and should you wish to contact me for editing work please don't hesitate to use the contact section in the left hand margin or call me on 07807 526 691. If you prefer email, my address is andyswarbrickeditor@gmail.com

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