This short promotion formed part of the Science Museum Group's national exhibition about Robots. It is a nice little piece and though originally intended just to promote the exhibition online, it was appreciated enough to be used on screens in the main foyer of the Science and Industry Museum, Manchester, to promote the exhibition. The footage had already been shot at the exhibition's usual home in London. So my job was to take this footage and mould it into a promo film.

When I edited this short promotion, I wanted to avoid the usual electronic music and overly Sci-Fi feel, in other words cliches. I though something more gentle, rhythmic and human would appeal. After all the line between humans and robots are blurring.

But in a quick nod to Alien, I aped the way in which the text appeared, cutting it up in Apple Motion. I also liked the way the title sequence of Alien is quite gentle, relaxed but ultimately has a menacing undertone. This promo was edited and graded on Davinci Resolve.

I hope you enjoyed the film and should you wish to contact me for editing work please don't hesitate to use the contact section in the left hand margin or call me on 07807 526 691. If you prefer email, my address is andyswarbrickeditor@gmail.com

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