It is always great working with clients who are open to creative ideas to help improve and polish what could otherwise be a very dry and serious project. One such edit was a series of training films for the Joint College Of Surgeons to help prospective surgeons pass their surgeons exam. The main films were simulated exam interviews designed to highlight how best to pass your exam and what to avoid doing. As the films were being used by students to assist their studies the actual content had to clear, regimented and stick to the facts. The last thing you need is a misleading film when hinders a medical student in passing their exam!

The client however was open to having an opening sequence created for the exam films, which would add creativity and give it the feel of a broadcast program. The intro sequence below aimed to mimic the opening of a medical program you might see on TV, on say Channel 5 or Quest.

The production was lucky enough to get access to an operating theatre as it did surgical prep, which provided some great footage to work with. It might I could build an intro sequence that clearly showed the real world of surgery. It really gave it a dynamic documentary feel. I offline and online edited the intro sequence in Avid and did the colour grading, giving it a blue Casualty style wash, in Davinci Resolve.

I hope you enjoyed this film and should you wish to contact me for editing work please don't hesitate to use the contact section in the left hand margin or call me on 07807 526 691. If you prefer email, my address is andyswarbrickeditor@gmail.com


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