Sometimes cheap and cheerful is a good thing, especially if it imbues a sense of character and fun. The DRTV commercial for Hedgehog Insurance is one such edit. DRTV stands for Direct Response Television and is usually applied to commercials for insurance or household products, where an ever present telephone number urges you to contact the company direct.
Where this commercial differs from the usual life, home and car insurance ads, is that it is fronted by a feisty and adorable hedgehog puppet, with a great vocal performance from Ed Byrne. Who along with the puppeteer brings the little fellow to life. For me it gives the commercial a creative edge beyond its subject matter.

The shoot generated two sets of rushes (raw footage), a studio shoot for the puppet against green screen and a location shoot of cars and roads to provide the live action backdrops on which to place the hedgehog. Using After Effects I keyed out the green screen and masked out the sticks animating the hedgehogs arms and generated a fresh set of rushes with an alpha channel. I then edited as normal picking the best hedgehog takes and accompanying background plates, overlaying the hedgehog over the live action, following the script until the edit was done.
I offline and online edited the commercial in Final Cut Pro Studio, as well as clocking and playing out the station dubs (the finished versions to go to the TV stations).

I hope you enjoyed this commercial and should you wish to contact me for editing work please don't hesitate to use the contact section in the left hand margin or call me on 07807 526 691. If you prefer email, my address is andyswarbrickeditor@gmail.com

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