The commercial below one was of two commercials for the Procter and Gamble Ariel brand of clothes washing liquid. The commercial below was called "Highlands'. It was shot on the Panasonic Genesis camera system, on location in the Lake District. What I like about the commercial is that it has a very simple, yet creative idea. To explore the visualisation of what clean and fresh looks (and also sounds) like. This was down to the director Bluey Durrant and the agency Saatchi.

It was offline and online edited by myself in Final Cut Studio, which for me was Apple's best version of Final Cut as it still maintained a highly level of functionality and also integrated really well in post production workflows. Where Avid and Davinci Resolve are today as NLE's is where Final Cut Pro X should be.
Quite a few of the flashes and lens flares was added in online editing with After Effects, in order to drive home the idea of sunlight uplands and fresh smelling clothes.
I hope you enjoyed this commercial and should you wish to contact me for editing work please don't hesitate to use the contact section in the left hand margin or call me on 07807 526 691. If you prefer email, my address is andyswarbrickeditor@gmail.com

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