As a non blogger, this gmail account gives me the opportunity to post examples of my editing work and to provide a little background into the edit itself.

 My name is Andrew Swarbrick and I am a freelance editor based in Manchester. I work primarily with AVIDDavinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro X. I also use Apple Motion. I undertake offline editing (so just the cutting and sound design) and also online editing, that is conforming, audio mixing, placing of graphics, grading and mastering out.

 As an editor my main aim is to tell a story (the client's message if you will) to the intended audience. I enjoy working on factual pieces with an ethical and informative slant and as often the subject matter is new to me, if as an editor I can understand the story and information unfolding in front of me, then so will the audience. To that end, as an editor I am the surrogate audience.

 Though I will be posting videos here of work I have edited, a big selection of my folio of films and videos can be seen on my youtube page.


Avid logo By MikeTaylor68 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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